The New Way to Climb the Career Ladder | BostonSpeaksSeries | June 7th

Sticking with your current employer may be the best path to success. Yes, that’s right. Although job-hopping or becoming an entrepreneur might be what you are seeing from your friends or co-workers, one of the most effective ways to learn, grow and become evenmore successful is with your current employer. Chances to rise is just around the corner, especially in today's society. When opportunity knocks, it doesn't do so for long, do you know how to grab it?

TIME: Fri, June 7th 2019 8:00am-10:00am 

LOCATION: 50 Milk Street, 1st FL, Anchor Room, Boston, MA 02109

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The BostonSpeaksSeries is a panel breakfast series for the entrepreneurial and business community. First Friday, every month.

Learn, network and get inspired every month as we invite some of the most exciting changemakers, entrepreneurs, and top thought leaders in Boston to discuss tricks-of-the-trade, their communication and leadership secrets and the success principles they've gained along the way!


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Alexander Noren - Co-Founder & Engagement Strategist at Forgeant

I am on a journey to help make sure everyone loves their job. With a passion for living life to the fullest, I think everyone deserves to work in a way that adds value and makes them happy. 

With so much technology available to gather and analyze data, I work with organizations nationwide to help them cultivate a better Employee Experience. The focus is on boosting employee engagement, increasing morale, and decreasing employee turnover.


Denise Thayer - Head of Business Development at HUBweek- a joint collaboration between The Boston Globe, MIT, Harvard and MGH.

Business development and partnerships executive with more than 15 years of experience working beside seasoned marketing, corporate communication, and corporate social responsibility professionals to develop & execute strategies that include thought leadership and experiential events, community and employee engagement, custom content, and social strategy for Fortune 500 organizations. At HUBweek, Denise has become a trusted advisor and collaborator; cultivating partnerships that build meaningful engagements that connect partners with the Greater Boston community and conveying a special emphasis on our partners' commitment to being a catalyst for change in corporate citizenship, human impact and social change. Let's connect on LinkedIN!


Kit Pang is a Communication Expert TEDxInbound and Keynote speaker, and the founder of BostonSpeaks. He is on a mission to help individuals become exceptional speakers and communicators. He started this monthly breakfast series in order to build a community where entrepreneurs, business professionals, workaholics and individuals could come together to get motivated, learn the latest tips and discover new insights. @kitpangx

Your Host:

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Josh Drean, Co-Founder & Engagement Strategist at Forgeant

Josh Drean is a HR tech entrepreneur, business consultant, and keynoter on employee experience, retention and talent management, social media marketing, and effective communication. 

Provides employee engagement consulting to local and international businesses and academic institutions and leads workshops and training on people analytics, employee development and culture technology.

Forgeant is the premier Employee Experience software. We provide corporate leaders with real-time, interactive, and actionable people insights to improve their business culture and raise employee morale. 

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