The Art of Living: Finding Happiness | BostonSpeaksSeries | April 5th

Happier brains do better work. When you are happy, everything in your life seems to align and you become more productive, more energetic and more you. However, most people don't know how much stress or how unhappy they are. What's your happiness worth to you? Join us for a panel discussion that will help you learn more about happiness and how you can tap into it more.

TIME: Fri, April 5th 2019 8:00am-10:00am 

LOCATION: 50 Milk Street, 1st FL, Anchor Room, Boston, MA 02109

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The BostonSpeaksSeries is a panel breakfast series for the entrepreneurial and business community. First Friday, every month.

Learn, network and get inspired every month as we invite some of the most exciting changemakers, entrepreneurs, and top thought leaders in Boston to discuss tricks-of-the-trade, their communication and leadership secrets and the success principles they've gained along the way!

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APRIL 2019: The Art of Living: Finding Happiness | BostonSpeaksSeries


  • Positive psychology hacks to boost happiness + performance

  • How to UP productivity, motivation, retention rates, innovation

  • Build relationships and network with panelists, business professionals and entrepreneurs from Boston

  • Q/A with panelists

The BostonSpeaksSeries is a panel breakfast series for the entrepreneurial and business community. First Friday, every month. Learn more about BostonSpeaks.


8:00-8:15 AM: Breakfast, Networking, Chit-Chats

8:15-8:20 AM: Introductions/Announcements

8:20-8:45 AM: Breakout Sessions

8:45-9:45 AM: Panel Discussion

9:45-10:00 AM: Closing, Shout-outs, Networking

***A Link To Tune-In Virtually Will Also Be Provided The Day Before***



Christine Duvivier - Positive Change Speaker and Mentor

Christine Duvivier has guided thousands of leaders, individuals, parents and young adults to new levels of success, confidence and happiness. Author of What I’d Say if You Wouldn’t Roll Your Eyes…love notes to my child and “Appreciating Beauty in The Bottom 80™,” Christine builds on her experiences as a Fortune 50 leader and positive psychology master. With her laser focus on the hidden genius, leadership and true potential in each of us, she refutes the “not good enough” myth and replaces it with her model that holds our spirit and well-being at its core. Christine holds an MBA (Cornell) and MAPP (UPenn).

Nancy Lewis Hill - CEO of Lighten UP!

Happiness Coach and Funpreneur helping ambitious women to lighten up the weight ofstress and own their joy. Skilled in Personal Development, Customer Service, Coaching, Sales, BusinessDevelopment, and Entrepreneurship. Learn more about Nancy here.

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Stephan K. Thieringer - Business Thinker | Personal Innovation Strategist | Fool

Stephan is a nationally renowned personal innovation strategist and business thinker.  A successful serial entrepreneur, he founded The Human Innovation Garage in 2013 which engages C-Suite Executives, Senior Business Leaders, and fast-growth organizations – turning between $5MM and $250MM in annual revenue to exponentially improve impact to the bottom-line.

Stephan is a multiple TEDx speaker and has been featured in various business and education publications such as EduTech, Business Week, the Financial Express, the Hindu Times, NYT, Boston Globe, Times of India, the WSJ and the BBJ.  His work has earned him several recognitions including the World Education Award for “visionary leadership in impacting economic development,” CXO of the year, and the USDLA mobile learning award.  Most recently The Human Innovation Garage was honored as one of the countries "Top 100 Small Business Visionary Companies”.  Stephan dedicates his time to various non-sprit organizations as an adviser and board member.  Stephan also writes a blog at  Stephan is born in Stuttgart, Germany and currently resides in Boston. 


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Kit Pang is a Communication Expert, TEDx and Keynote speaker and the Founder of BostonSpeaks. He started this monthly breakfast series in order to build a community where entrepreneurs, business professionals, workaholics and individuals could come together to get motivated, learn the latest tips and discover new insights.

Kit is on a mission to help individuals become exceptional speakers and communicators. His seminars and talks have been credited as super fun, engaging, soul-searching and insightful. His happy clients include individuals from organizations such as Dell, Delta, RE/MAX, Harvard or MIT. Learn more about how you can improve your communication, leadership or business skills at


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