Today the number one source of communication is social media.  However the best method of communicating is still human contact.   Talking to people in person makes it easier to develop good working relationships.   Simply put, saying the right words may make the difference between getting the sale and closing the deal.  Likewise attending great events that allow you to share your story face-to-face can give you the networking advantage.  When all is said and done, direct communication most often INCREASES YOUR REVENUE (BOTTOM LINE, MONEY)! Join us today with Brent Harding to learn why your financial success depends on how well you communicate.

What Am I Going To Learn?

  • Get clear about your message.  What are you saying to the listener?  What message do you want the listener to hear?
  • Make the human connection.  Pick out great events to attend that give you the networking advantage then work your communication plan.
  •  Develop relationships by systematizing your operation to stay in communication.

Who is Brent Harding?

Ms. Brent Harding is the Producer of the Award Winning E3PowerUP Women’s Conferences, founder of the Wealth Warriors broadcast, speaker, author and global entrepreneur.

Brent has been featured in the Boston Business Journal, Women’s Business Journal and The Urban News magazine. She has written and published articles in Boston Business Journal, Banker and Tradesman and The Bay State Banner. Ms. Harding has been privileged to serve as a Massachusetts delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business. 

Brent Harding is a TRUE TRAILBLAZER.

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