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Do you know how to effective network so that you are building quality relationships that will help you grow professionally and expand your business? Learn how to network like a pro and feel confident every time you walk in the door. Today, join Cami Baker to learn how you can become a better networker and own the room. 


1. You will learn how to be more at easy by creating relationships even before the event.
2. "Ditch the Pitch" the 30 second elevator pitch is dead!  Learn how to communication without the dreaded pitch.
3. If you don't follow up, you were not there.  Leave this interaction with strategies for following up that actually work.

Who is Cami Baker?

Cami Baker is an International Speaker, Fiercely Entrepreneurial, HGTV House Hunters veteran and founder of the “Worldwide NetWeb”. She has given over 1,000 presentations to audiences as large as 30,000. Her keynote, “Mingle to Millions, The Art and Science of building business relationships and mastering referrals” is also the name of her book. Cami has worked with companies like Berkshire Hathaway, Ronald McDonald House, Keller Williams and hundreds of other groups assisting their people in the art and science of building resources, relationships and revenue that ROCK! She has been featured in Success from Home Magazine, on HGTV twice and as a judge on NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice.

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