There’s a lot of talk about the power of story-telling in business and life. And it’s all true. But anyone who continues to teeter on edge at Aunt Mildred’s 100th retelling of one tale, only to doze off when Uncle Fred tells it once, knows that not all story-telling is created equal. What makes one telling compel people to tears and even action? And another annoy you? Learn the secrets of transformational story telling with renowned reconteur James Lopata.


  • The 6 classic components of truly transformative story-telling
  • The three Ps to captivating your listeners from beginning to end
  • The #1 secret to getting people to want you’re offering
  • Action steps for how to transform your own story for true success

Who Is James Lopata?

James Lopata is an award-winning director, speaker, playwright, author, and executive and entrepreneurial coach and consultant, who regularly wows audiences with mind-shifting insights in executive leadership. Co-founder of innerOvation LLC, James works with select executives who desire to radically revise the world.  

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Twitter: @jameslopata