Do you want to improve your communication skills to speak more smoothly and confidently? If you're willing to put in the time and work, you can learn how to master your speech and become articulate, clear and precise.  Today Karen Astin, will talk about how you can practice to speak more fluently and transform your life.


  • Quick Hacks: speaking loudly, slowly, adding voicing on the fly
  • Nerdy, Dirty, Science: muscle memory, auditory, discrimination
  • How to practice daily to speak clearly
  • How to practice when you can't afford a coach
  • Action steps to becoming a more effective speaker

Who is Karen Astin?

Karen Astin is a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist specializing in English Pronunciation and reducing foreign accents. She has worked with clients all over the world to help improve their English skills and confidence in speaking. She has worked with leaders at Google, Adobe, Cisco, HP and Twitter. Through her training and expertise her clients have gone on to become CEO's, CTO's, Ted Talk speakers, and leaders in their industry. 

Follow Karen

Twitter: @AstiNovaSLP