You are being issued a 30 day live stream video challenge. Would you do it?

What were your initial thoughts and feelings after you read the above statement? Did you feel nervous, anxious, fearful, and/or doubtful? Did that inner critic in your head tell you, “You can’t do it. There is no way you can come up with content for 30 days. Who are you to do this challenge? Who is going to even want to listen to you? Say no, say NO!” 

If these thoughts sound similar,  understand that you are not alone. You are actually in very good company. Learn how Kelly Espino took on a 30 day livestream challenge, silenced her inner critic, faced her fear, and discovered more than she ever thought.


⦁The motivational push that will help you step into your communication/speaking GREATNESS.

⦁You will learn how to silence your inner critic in order to allow your true self to SHINE BRIGHT.

⦁You will understand the true POWER of your story.

⦁You will embrace your authentic self and voice with confidence.

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