Communication blunders can cause confusion in light-hearted situations or it can also destroy your executive presence in serious circumstances.  Do you know how to effectively communicate in a confident, poised and clear manner to get your point across? Join Kristy Lenuzza to get a communication tune-up! 


  •  3 Sure-Fire Acting Tips that Will Amp Up Your Communication Style
  • How Empathy Can Enhance Your Confidence in Communications
  • 3 Must-Reads to "help you check yourself before you wreck yourself"

*The title is a famous line from the Paul Newman movie, "Cool Hand Luke". I work at incorporating movies consistently into my workshops (and any reason to bring up Paul Newman as much as possible!) :))

Who is Kristy Lenuzza?

Kristy has a love of human behavior. She brings equal parts enthusiasm and spunk to all of her creative communications workshops and coaching sessions. Combining her education from the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College (B.S.), The Stella Adler Studio of Acting, The Neighborhood Playouse, and the Theatre Education graduate program (M.A.) at Emerson College, she makes her primary aim to boost the fun and curb the funk. She believes, without a doubt, that the best teachers are the most curious students and that eavesdropping on strangers' convos will save the world. 

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