10x Your Impact | Get Results Fast, with Half The Effort and Twice The Fun.

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BostonSpeaks (14).png

10x Your Impact | Get Results Fast, with Half The Effort and Twice The Fun.


Friday, March 1st - 12:00 PM – 01:00 PM EDT

LOCATION: 50 Milk Street Boston, MA 02109

Cost: Free

**Important Note: Space is limited: first come (at location), first serve!

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Most people believe they need investors, employees, bosses or cash in order to achieve their dreams. Smart people know they already have all that they need-- even when they are at the back of the pack. 

Most people ride a cycle of frenzy, trying to find the resources, prove their value, or use the tactics that will get the results they want-- and yet, they don't get what they want. Smart people know you don't have to do more to get more. 

The answer lies in a guided positive-change process that frees your genius and builds commitment from others.  This workshop leads you out of turmoil and into a high impact model that gives you the results you want with your work, relationships and happiness. 

Who Is This Workshop For

Leaders who want to get results faster, with less effort and more fun.

What You'll Learn

  • How great leaders avoid the three major obstacles to great results

  • A new model that frees you from the limits of time management

  • Why other people's opinions do not matter

  • The factor that transforms the way you communicate

  • The process that creates commitment and taps hidden genius in you and others, so that leading change is easy

Instructor Bio - Christine Duvivier


Christine Duvivier, international speaker, author and positive change mentor, has guided thousands to new levels of success, confidence and happiness. She entertains and inspires audiences, drawing on her experiences as a global Fortune 50 leader and positive psychology master. 

Author of What I’d Say if You Wouldn’t Roll Your Eyes and “Appreciating Beauty in The Bottom 80™,” Christine has studied and worked with Drs. Martin Seligman, George Vaillant, and other founders of positive psychology. Christine holds an MBA (Cornell) and Master of Positive Psychology (UPenn). 

With her laser focus on the hidden genius in each of us, she refutes the “not good enough” myth and replaces it with her model that holds our resilient spirit at its core, so that no matter where we are now, getting results is easy, fun and fast.