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It was always a dream of mine to bring my colleagues together every year for a celebration - a celebration to remind us of all the time and effort that we consistently put in for our personal and professional growth.

I'm writing to invite you to our 1st Annual BostonSpeaks Learnapalooza on Saturday, October 27th from 8am-12pm at 50 Milk Street in Downtown Boston. This event will be a day of relationship building, being human and communication masterclasses to keep us on our toes to become the best leaders that we can be.

7:45am: Networking/Welcome

8:00am: Opening Ceremony

8:30am: Meditation/Mindful Communication: Dhanashree Ramachandran, awarded Woman of the Year from India New England

9:45am: Master Your Voice: Demetria Bridges, voice actress and also known as "The Voice With The Velvet Touch"

11am: Improv Masterclass: Courtney Pong, Owner of CSz Boston Improv

12pm: Pot Luck Lunch/Networking/Wrap Up

*Lunch will be served pot luck family style - if you are attending please let me know what dish you are bringing (bring one that you can put in the microwave or it can be served cold)

Would love for you to join us! Also if you would like to bring a +1, bring them along! Have any questions? Email me at kit@bostonspeaks.com

See You Soon!

Kit Pang

Founder, BostonSpeaks

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