Is there an inner speaker inside of you that wants to come out? We all know that public speaking is one of the scariest things to do in life but don't let this fear hold you back. Today, join Linda Ugelow to learn how you can start to banish your fear of speaking on stage or on camera.


  • The 3 part Fear to Fabulous system for overcoming self consciousness
  • The one habit you must change to become a confident speaker
  • The #1 peak performance practice for confident speaking
  • Three easy in roads to start public speaking

Who is Linda Ugelow?

Linda Ugelow is a public speaking and performing coach who entrepreneurs and professionals overcome their self consciousness and nerves so they can be freely expressive in meetings, on video or on stage. She has a Master's in Expressive Therapy) and has taught improvisation forms of movement for over 25 years. She is the principal dancer with the women's world music group, Libana and hosts the TV show/podcast, Women Inspired.

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