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Rise To The Occasion During Every Presentation

“Kit was such a great facilitator and coach when it came to leading a full immersive training for our members. He came into our base and provided an exceptional training on effective public speaking and communication skills. Our members took away invaluable lessons and applied them immediately.”
— Anna Hart - Commanding Officer, U.S. Coast Guard

Training Overview:

Raise your public speaking confidence, delivery and ability to persuade to the next level. No matter if you are a beginner or have been giving weekly presentations for the past 20 years, this training will help you improve your public speaking impact.

  • Who This Training Is For:

    • Executives & Management

    • Sales Professionals

    • Marketers

    • Engineers/Scientists/Analysts

    • Emerging Leaders

What Will Be Covered

Style & Delivery

Public Speaking Mindset

Incorporate the habits and mindset of the top 10% of professional presenters and sales professionals

Body Language and Presence

Learn how gestures, stances and expressions send different messages to listeners

Vocal Power

Practice vocal variety by honing Pace, Pitch, Power (Volume) & Pauses

Influence & Persuasion

Public Speaking Tookit

Practice key public speaking foundations to connect with the audience. Tools such as storytelling frameworks, PREP formula, techniques to engage the audience and more

Purposeful Messaging

Speak with purpose that will guide decisions and influence behaviors to move forward

Make data come alive

Make your data lively, engaging and useful to the audience

At this training’s conclusion, participants will:

  • Speak with improved confidence and authority

  • Understand how to use their body language and vocal variety to enhance their message

  • Understand how to ease their fear of public speaking and conquer their mindset for success

  • Understand key public speaking foundations to be more persuasive, inspiring and engaging

  • Understand how to make data engaging

  • Learn how to change undesirable speaking practices into more winning habits

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