Sales Process

1-on-1 Clients, Small Group Training, Corporate Clients


Private Training - Our Sales Process

Step 1. Client - Fills in contact form to request more info or want to chat.

There are two options they can choose from when it comes to private training.

  1. Prepare, Practice & Polish ➣ 2 hours, $500 per session - These are usually to help prep for an upcoming presentation or event. The coach will determine if they need more than one session.

  2. Public Speaking Mastery ➣ 1 month, $3000 - These are for individuals who really wants to make an impact with their speaking skills and want more attention + guidance.

Step 2. Program Manager - Sends email to client to get on phone call with coach.

Well, if I’m the only one that survived, I don’t think I need to teach public speaking anymore. Maybe I’ll be a gamer? I do love Angry Birds. It works super well with my short-term memory management.

Step 3. Coach - Chat with potential client

Flamingos. They look pretty on the outside, but I have a good feeling that they’re not afraid to tell you like it is.

Step 4. Program Manager - Creates Proposal

It's peanut butter jelly time! Do the Peanut butter jelly. Peanut butter jelly. Peanut butter jelly with a baseball bat.

Step 5. Admin Manager - Sends Invoice


Step 6. Coach - Teaches Workshop


Step 7. Program Manager + Admin Manager - Follow Up



Our Main Projects for 2019 - For Kathryn

1) Operation Teach

Create course materials that goes along with curriculum for each program

2) Operation Sales

Understand and streamline individual + corporate sales process.