Business Pitch Bootcamp | Nail Your Pitch and Win Over Investors

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Business Pitch Bootcamp | Nail Your Pitch and Win Over Investors


Thursday April 25th, 2019 - 10:00 AM – 02:00 PM EST

Thursday May 23rd, 2019 - 10:00 AM – 02:00 PM EST

LOCATION: 50 Milk Street Boston, MA 02109

Cost: $297

Must register in advance. Tickets are non-refundable. 


This 4-hour bootcamp is designed exclusively for startups, entrepreneurs and business professionals looking to make an impact with their pitch. You will learn about what goes into an ideal pitch and be able to hone your pitch through practicing with a live audience. No matter whether you are looking for investors, partners, vendors, employees or getting buy-in from your friend, perfecting your pitch is crucial to the success of your business and professional career.

What You'll Learn

The Foundation - Understand what you'll need to come up with an ideal pitch that will capture the interest of your audience. You will learn the questions that every pitch should answer and also the most common mistakes that people make when they first pitch.

  • How to pitch to the 4 different types of investors: Friends/Family, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists and Customers

  • Understand the fundamental building blocks of a successful pitch

  • Learn the best approaches to how to pitch

Public Speaking/Communication Secrets - You can craft and prepare all you want but to be able to deliver a great pitch, you need to be able to engage, relate and wow your audience. There are many individuals who spend a lifetime perfecting their product or service behind the scenes but if you can't present what your ideas, it would seem like you have done nothing at all.

  • Speaking techniques: Body Language, Stage Presence, Vocal Variety, Public Speaking Tips & Tricks

  • Refining your story, message and delivery

  • The art of using stories in your pitch

Own The Stage - This workshop will be very interactive. You will be practicing and honing your pitch to other individuals and to the group in a public speaking setting. Gain the feedback you need to step up your game

  • Practice in front of a live audience

  • Receive critical feedback from peers and instructor

  • Refine your pitch and explore what you can do to make it better

**Please note** You do not have to come prepared with a pitch or even have a business idea. This workshop is for all to learn how to be more influential through the way you present yourself whether it's an elevator pitch or a 10-min investor pitch.

Who is Kit Pang?

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Kit Pang is a Communication Expert, TEDx Speaker Coach, TEDxInbound and Keynote speaker and the founder of BostonSpeaks. He is on a mission to help individuals become exceptional speakers and communicators. Kit's seminars and talks have been credited as super fun, engaging, soul-searching and insightful. His happy clients include individuals from organizations such as Dell, Delta, RE/MAX, Harvard or MIT. 

What Others Are Saying About Kit:

“I was a little bit all over the place with my TEDx talk. Kit came in — and in a wonderfully kind, but direct way — gave me advice to sharpen the talk and focus the message to make it a more compelling presentation. Thanks for your helpful words and encouragement.”

TEDx Speaker | Bruce Rosenbaum

I had the great fortune to get to work with Kit in preparation for a TEDx talk. A master at speeches himself (if you ever have the opportunity to hear him give a speech, seize it!), he shared his expertise to enable me to transform the words on paper to a full presentation. Kit’s guidance, coaching, and advice helped me take my thoughts and ideas and create a complete oration. I could not have done it without him.

TEDx Speaker | Lauren Kuntz

“I had the privilege of working with Kit on a talk I gave at the Massachusetts Conference for Women. Working with him was so much fun and it 10X-ed the power of my message, making me feel super confident while on stage communicating it. Thank you, Kit!”

Co-author of FLAWD

-Jeanne Demers

Location: BostonSpeaks 50 Milk Street Boston, MA 02109