Chances are, all of us at some point must write some sort of public remarks, be it a keynote address, an informal talk, or a banquet toast. For some it’s intimidating, and for others a piece of cake. But rarely is it systematic. During this BostonSpeaksTalk with Sheri Saginor, first we’ll discuss why some speeches hold your attention and others put you to sleep. Then you'll hear about a speech structure that you can use no matter what type of remarks you need to write. Then you’ll get proven tips on delivery to help you feel calm and confident onstage.  At the end of the discussion, you’ll have a set of tools to use when writing your own remarks. Please join us!

What You'll Learn

  • The Key Elements of a successful speech
  • A Speech Structure that works for (almost) any type of public remarks
  • A Writing Process that will take you from idea to finished product
  • Delivery techniques to help you shine your brightest in front of your audience.

Who is Sheri Saginor?

Sheri Saginor is an award-winning speechwriter and the president of Smart Speeches, a Boston-based communications firm. As a speechwriter and communications consultant, she helps corporate executives and nonprofit leaders inform, persuade, and inspire live audiences. With over twenty years of experience as a writer, speaker, and performer, she brings to her work a true passion for the spoken word.  

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