The Speaker Journal

The Speaker Journal is a physical journal designed to help you grow as a speaker, clarify your thinking, and present your ideas effectively.

Use this journal to: 

  • Unlock your speaking growth
  • Reflect on the way you speak and present your ideas
  • Gain clarity about your message
  • Grow as a leader so you can lead with influence and inspire others
  • Chang the world with one interaction, meeting, or presentation at a time
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Everything You Need To Become The Speaker You Aspire To Be


This Journal Is Made For:
- Professionals
- Leaders
- Executives
- Individuals looking to level up their speaking and communication skills

This journal is split into two main sections: Develop and Deliver

Develop Section:
You'll use this section to reflect in your speaking growth

Deliver Section:
Following and answering a question template, this section will help you get the most out of your next 1-on-1, group meeting, or presentation situation.


In The Speaker Journal, You'll reflect and work on the 6 cores areas that matter most to your speaking success:

- Mindset: How you think about your speaking
- Mission: How you get others to believe and take action
- Map: How you organize what you say
- Matter: What you say and the way you say it
- Manner: How you deliver
- Medium: How you use your communication channel

You'll want to keep this journal on your desk, take notes while you're on Zoom calls, and learn from the best teacher you can ever have -- yourself.

Achieve Speaking Success

Reflect On Your Success

Uncover key lessons with your speaking and understand what's happening.

Plan Your Speaking

Simple questions to help you get ready for your next 1on1, meeting, or presentation.

Get To The Point

Understand what you want to get across to your audience in a clear and concise manner.

Evaluate Your Speaking

Become the best speaker you can be and keep on growing as you track your progress.

The Speaker Journal

The Ultimate Tool For Your Speaking Success

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