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The Speaking Fishbowl 

Unlock Your Speaking Potential: Join Gina and Kit for an exclusive event to elevate your speaking. Gina & Kit will be live coaching 2-3 volunteers who are looking to become more confident and captivating speakers during this session.

Wed, Nov 29th | Live Online | FREE | 1 hr 30 event

Time zone: 11 am PST, 12 am MST, 1pm CST, 2pm EST

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What is The Speaking Fishbowl?

The Speaking Fishbowl is an innovative and interactive event designed to provide you with a one-of-a-kind opportunity for speaking growth and learning.

Here's how The Speaking Fishbowl works:

1. Speaking Mini Masterclass w/ Gina & Kit (15 Minutes): 🌱

Ever wanted to sharpen your speaking skills? Join Gina and Kit as they kick off the session with a burst of knowledge! In just 10 minutes, they'll dive into a captivating speaking topic of the day discussion style, packed with insights, stories, and tips that will leave you inspired and ready to tackle your next speaking challenge.

2. Speaking Laser Coaching (50 Minutes): 🔥

Get ready to take the virtual stage! In this dynamic 50-minute segment, we'll spotlight 2-3 individuals who are ready to supercharge their speaking prowess. Gina and Kit will personally coach these participants through their unique speaking challenges or goals. And you'll get the chance to learn from others, this is the power of The Speaking Fish Bowl.

(Optional Note: Taking your turn in the "hot seat" is entirely optional. Even if you choose not to participate directly, you'll still benefit from the valuable lessons shared by others.)

4. Speaking Breakouts (15 minutes) 🗣️

After the fishbowl coaching, we'll go into breakout rooms where participants can share their takeaways, and experiences, and go deeper into what they've learned for the day. 

3. Speaking Questions/Closing (10 Minutes): 🤔

Have a burning question or itching to dive deeper into anything discussed today? Here's your chance! We're opening up the floor for 10 minutes of pure Q&A magic. Ask about the speaking topic, share your personal inquiries, or simply soak up the wisdom from your fellow participants.



Why this fishbowl format is so darn effective:

  1. Fishbowl Format: The "Fishbowl" format is often used in various group discussions and events. It typically involves a group of people, some of whom are actively participating while others observe. In the context of this event, it signifies the coaching and discussion format where a few individuals receive coaching while the rest of the participants observe. This mirrors the way people might watch fish in a fishbowl, hence the term "Fishbowl."

  2. Transparency and Visibility: Fishbowls are often transparent containers, allowing people to see everything that's happening inside. In the context of the event, this term might symbolize the transparency of the coaching process, where the participants and the coaches openly share insights and advice, making the learning process visible to all.

  3. Community Engagement: Fishbowls often serve as a platform for community engagement, with participants actively participating and sharing their experiences. In the event, the term "Fishbowl" might signify the active involvement of the entire community, even when not directly participating in the coaching sessions.

  4. Expert Advice: Imagine having two speaking coaches by your side and answering your questions, going through the audience's situation and offering speaking wisdom to help you speak with greater confidence and influence. 

Meet Your Fishbowl Leaders

Here's the truth: We're not giving you useless speaking tips that don't help you. We're an open book and we're here to give you a push. Genuine speaking advice that matters. Transparency and helping you reach your speaking potential are key for us. Our belief is that speaking with confidence requires being real and we're here to help you get there.

Gina Rapaport

Head Public Speaking Coach at BostonSpeaks

After overcoming her own fear of public speaking, Gina was so inspired, she decided to dedicate her career to helping others do the same. She loves supporting people to use their voices and become more effective speakers and communicators. Gina focuses on both the mindset and mechanics of public speaking so that her clients can cultivate sustainable confidence, and captivate any audience.

Gina Rapaport is an ICF Certified Professional Coach. Her holistic approach to coaching is informed by her master’s degree in integrative health and background in the field of employee wellness. Gina has worked with hundreds of people, from young professionals to executives and other leaders.

In her spare time, Gina can be found playing with her two daughters, working out on her rebounder trampoline, and making Spotify playlists for every occasion.

Kit Pang

Founder, BostonSpeaks

Kit has helped hundreds of leaders and high-performing professionals speak with greater confidence and influence. His experiences include being the founder of BostonSpeaks, a Harvard Business School Public Speaking Coach, and a 3-Time TEDx Speaker Coach. Clients include Fortune 500 CEOs, TEDx Speakers, NFL Players, Three-Star Michelin Chefs, Rising leaders, and Executives.

Kit's coaching and teaching style is fun, engaging, and insightful. Professionally, He's always looking to develop as a speaker and leader. Kit's personal life looks more like 25% Crossfit, 25% happy wife happy life, and 50% trying to help his three cats get along.

"Improving your communication and public speaking skills will raise your value by 50%."

- Warren Buffett

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