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SpeakStudio is a membership where you get access to unlimited speaking classes, our self-paced speaking training, community and exclusive speaking masterclasses.

When you confidently speak up in meetings, presentations, or one-on-one discussions, you're not just conveying information…

You’re expanding your influence

You’re establishing

You're demonstrating

You’re fostering

You’re positioning yourself as a thought leader

You’re inspiring action and commitment

…your speaking is not just a tool for communication - it's your most influential tool for leadership and impact

But you know as well as any professional, leader or executive…

Your speaking only becomes impactful if you can authentically, confidently, and skillfully deliver your ideas to engage, inspire, and drive action.

At BostonSpeaks, we figured out how to effectively improve your speaking:

The Problem:

We've noticed that...


You’re very busy with work and time

You might be looking for flexible scheduling. Opportunities to attend classes, coaching, and workshops at times that fit into your busy lives, ensuring that your personal development doesn't take a backseat to other commitments.


You could be looking for a space that offers both safety and challenge for individuals looking to practice public speaking and expand your comfort zones.

If this is you, then perhaps, you're seeking a safe space where you can confidently step up and practice your speaking skills in front of an audience helping you to refine your speaking, delivery, and skills.


You might feel like the only one with your speaking situation, challenges, and goals.

Imagine having a circle of peers who share your ambitions and a place where mutual support and encouragement can flourish. Wouldn't having a community like this to exchange experiences and insights, create unlimited growth for yourself and your speaking?

We asked ourselves this one big question:

How come there isn’t a place like a speaking gym for speakers who want to hone their craft?

Just as athletes have gyms to train and hone their physical abilities, why isn't there a dedicated space for speakers!

A place where individuals can continuously improve and experiment with their speaking skills in a structured, supportive environment.

This "Speaking Gym" would serve as a hub for growth, challenge, and refinement, catering to speakers at all levels who are eager to level up their speaking.

Introducing. . .

The Science & Art of Speaking

SpeakStudio is the ultimate arena for speaking mastery and creative exploration

Unlimited Live Speaking Classes

 At SpeakStudio our virtual classes revolve around the 3 core areas that matter most to your speaking success. They are Mindset, Manner and Matter.

***All classes are currently taught by Kit Pang, Founder of BostonSpeaks***

Here's the current class schedule (more classes to come):

MONDAYS - Speaking Confidence & Mindset: Boost your confidence and conquer self-doubt, ensuring your inner voice champions your success. In these classes, you'll discover how to shift how you think, feel and act. 6:30pm EST to 7:15p EST.

WEDNESDAYS - Manner (Presence & Delivery):  Refine your delivery and presence, learning the nuances of body language, voice control, and more to captivate your audience. 6:30pm EST to 7:15p EST.

THURSDAYS - Weekly Office Hours & Hot Seats: This is a chance to jump in with live coaching to walk through your speaking situations, challenges, and goals. 12:30pm EST - 1:30pm EST.

THURSDAYS - Matter (Content, Messaging & Influence): Discover how to craft clear, concise, and compelling content that ensures your messages land and inspire. 6:30pm EST to 7:15p EST.

On-Demand Training for Speaking Mastery

 With our On-Demand Training, you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. As a member, your access to a growing library of speaking resources is included with your membership, providing unparalleled value and convenience on your path to speaking excellence.

Our signature speaking programs + a preview what's inside the speaking vault

(TOTAL VALUE: $2,482)

  • SpeakFlix: Unlock a world of growth with exclusive training, interviews, and speaker insights. (VALUE - $697)
  • The Speaker Map: Templates to effectively convey your message, whether to inform, persuade, or inspire. (VALUE - $97)
  • The TEDx Speaker Course: A complete guide to landing and succeeding on the TEDx stage. (VALUE - $297)
  • The Speaker's Blueprint: A template filled with audience analysis questions, preparation templates, presentation structures, and communication style secrets. (VALUE $297)
  • The Speaker Vault: Fast-track your success with our top training videos in one convenient collection (VALUE - $97)
  • The Virtual Speaker: Master virtual speaking to enhance your career in our digital age. (VALUE - $297)
  • The Speaker Pass: Access to all past and future summits, including the Fearless Public Speaking, Women’s Public Speaking Summit and more! (VALUE - $197)
  • Public Speaking SOS: Discover how to manage speaking anxiety with the best strategies, tips, and speaking-coach-in-your-pocket videos you can listen to right before you have to speak. (VALUE - $997)

Exclusive Community Forum

 Engage with a supportive community of fellow members where you can share insights, seek advice, and participate in discussions to foster growth and collaboration.

  • Peer Feedback and Support Network: Engage in a vibrant community where members exchange constructive feedback, share experiences, and support each other's speaking journeys. This network acts as a powerful tool for improvement and motivation, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared growth.
  • Continuous Learning and Development: The community offers an ever-evolving platform for continuous learning and development. With access to a wealth of resources, including recorded sessions, expert articles, and interactive Q&As, you're equipped to stay ahead of the latest trends and techniques in public speaking.
  • Expert-Led Forums for Instant Guidance: Gain instant access to expert-led forums where you can ask questions, seek advice, and share your speaking experiences. You're never left without an answer or encouragement as you level up your speaking.

Exclusive Speaking Workshops and Events:

 Gain access to exclusive speaking workshops and events covering advanced speaking techniques, networking opportunities, and guest speaker presentations to further enhance your skills and knowledge.

Here are some of the workshops that we're planning to have in the future:

  • The Art of Persuasive Speaking
  • How To Speak On A Panel
  • How To Land A TEDx Talk
  • Public Speaking Anxiety - Everything You Need To Know
  • How To Master Impromptu Speaking
  • Storytelling for Impact: Connecting with Your Audience
  • And More!

Say HI to a practical, outcome-oriented, and contemporary approach to achieving success as a speaker.

Explore the proven results we've our clients had through our past collaborations.

Now with SpeakStudio….

We’re taking speaking training to a whole new level.

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Meet Kit Pang

Founder, BostonSpeaks

As the Founder of BostonSpeaks, I've dedicated my career to helping professionals, leaders and executives become more confident and influential speakers. 

My journey through the realms of public speaking has been extensive and diverse. From my time as a Harvard Business School Public Speaking Coach and a 3-Time TEDx Speaker Coach to my experiences as a TEDx Speaker and the President of a Toastmasters Club, I've encountered the spectrum of public speaking challenges. This journey has afforded me the privilege of collaborating with an array of clients, including Fortune 500 CEOs, TEDx speakers, NFL players, and three-star Michelin chefs.

If you're looking to advance your speaking, I would recommened that you HIGHLY consider being a Member of SpeakStudio.



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