Does Storytelling Really Work In Business?

Yes, They Do. Let Me Show You How.

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“The storytelling training from BostonSpeaks was a great opportunity to look at storytelling from multiple perspectives. It was a holistic process, a lot of fun, and very well worth the time! I enjoyed the interactive approach to training. I recommend this workshop for anyone who wants to work on their ability to lead, influence and become a more effective communicator.”
— Dudney Sylla, Program Manager at Boston Public Schools

Training Overview:

Storytelling helps make business communication engaging and inspiring and it touches the hearts and minds of your audience (both your teammates and your potential clients). This training will help you learn how to be a purposeful storyteller in your daily business communication including presentations, sales, initiating change, emails and meetings.

  • Who This Training Is For:

    • Executives & Management

    • Sales Professionals

    • Marketers

    • Engineers/Scientists/Analysts

    • Emerging Leaders

What Will Be Covered

Part 1: The Science Behind Storytelling

Why is storytelling important?

Discover the impact stories can have on your communication and leadership at work

Your brain and storytelling

Uncover how stories shape your brain and the relationship you have with your audience

Storytelling Case Studies

Storytelling makes us human and it’s one of our oldest art forms. Reflect on powerful storytelling case studies that will change the way you look at storytelling

Part 2: Becoming A Purposeful Storyteller

How to find stories for work

Stories are everywhere. Only if you know how to look for them. Learn how to find the right stories to share at work.

The StoryCycle

Learn the Storycycle framework to become a purposeful storyteller every time: Storylistening, Storycrafting & Storytelling

Sharing Stories

Yes, you are allowed to use stories to communicate your business message. Learn how to incorporate stories to everyday communication such as emails, meetings or virtual calls

Part 3: Sharing Your Story

How to deal with nerves

Storytelling takes creativity and risk. Learn how to breath, be authentic and share your important stories in tensed environments


Practice storytelling frameworks that can help you craft the right story to share at work

Practice Sharing Stories

This training is highly interactive. Throughout the training, one of the best ways to learn about storytelling is to tell stories.

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