is 2019 the year you make public speaking your secret weapon?

go from fear to fearless.

Through a free day of Live Virtual Interviews and Expert Q&As, you'll learn how to tackle your biggest challenges when it comes to speaking in public or the business side of speaking.



You’re Going To Learn:

  • How To Ease Your Fear Of Public Speaking

  • The Business Of The Speaking World And How You Can Start Becoming A Paid Public Speaker

  • How To Engage, Motivate And Inspire Your Audience To Take Action

  • Storytelling Secrets To Capture Hearts

  • How To Persuade, Convince And Gain Influence

  • And More…

Meet Your Speakers

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Public Speakers Speak, Why Aren’t You?

Discover How To Find Speaking Opportunities To Raise Your Game.

6am PT // 9am ET

Catherine Storing | Two-Time TEDx Speaker, Best Selling Author, Writing Coach


Engage A Livestreaming Audience

How to go from Best Kept Secret to Greatest Showman by livestreaming your talks.

7am PT // 10am ET

Brad Powell | Founder of Awesome Videomakers


Never Fear Public Speaking Again

Yes, It’s Possible!

8am PT // 11am ET

Linda Ugelow | Transformational Speaking Coach

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Speak The $3k A Day Way!”

Learn how to get paid to speak

9am PT // 12pm ET

Erik Swanson | Founder of Habitude Warrior Conference and Speaker Biz


How To Keep Your Cool In Speaking Situations

How To Manage Your Mindset, Confidence And Breath Before, During And After Speaking.

10am PT // 1pm ET

Dhanashree Ram | CEO of Nous Lab
Founder of Mass Yoga Meditation


The Speaker's Paradise

How To Find And Secure Speaking Engagements Now.

11am PT // 2pm ET

Bobbie Carlton | Founder, Innovation Women

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So No Prepping From My End?

How You Can Go From Good To Great Public Speaking

12pm PT // 3pm ET

Danish Dhamani | Founder of Orai

Speakers (5).png

How To Make A Standout Speaker Reel

Learn What It Takes To Make A Reel That Organizers Are Craving For.

1pm PT // 4pm ET

Meaghan Corson | Video Marketing Speaker and Consultant


The Power Of Authenticity

How To Drop The Notes, Be Yourself And Connect With Your Audience At Their Emotion Point.

2pm PT // 5pm ET

Marci Nault | Founder of Dreamsco


3 Habits Of Improvisers As Applied To Public Speaking

Yes, AND You Can Take The Foundations Of Improv And Improve Your Speaking drastically.

3pm PT // 6pm ET

Courtney Pong | Owner & General Manager - CSz Boston


How To Use Public Speaking To Sell Your Premium Service

Don’t Like To Be Sales-y You Don’t Have To Be.

4pm PT // 7pm ET

Kim Orlesky | Sales Coach, Speaker & President of KO Advantage Ggroup

How It Works

  • After you register for the summit, you will receive an email the day before with links to the videos for the day.

  • All videos will be live with the speaker.

  • All sessions are 45 minutes long with Q/A at the end.

  • This event is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about public speaking and communication skills.

  • Questions? Please email Kit at

Your Host - Kit Pang

Hi There,

Public speaking can be easy and fun. I hope that you can take the day and use this time for yourself because if you don’t invest in yourself, why should others? Get your butt to work! -Kit Pang | Founder of BostonSpeaks