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Corporate Clients - Our Sales Process

Step 1. Client - Fills in contact form to request more info or want to chat.

Our website + form is doing the work here!

Step 2. Program Manager - Sends email to client to get on phone call with coach.

  1. Program Manager - Create new deal in HubSpot "Express Interest"

  2. Program Manager - Email Individual and CC Kristin/Kit - Include Kristin's Scheduling Link

  3. Program Manager - Provide more context to Kristin (if this is for her) and send her email

Step 3. Coach - Chat with potential client

  1. Coach - Go to Proposal Notes folder in Gdrive - Create copy of TEMPLATE Proposal Note" and name it "NAME OF CLIENT Proposal Notes"

  2. Coach - Send notes over to Kathryn + Any other details necessary

Step 4. Program Manager - Creates Proposal

  1. Program Manager - Create proposal based off of proposal notes from Coach + ask any questions to clarify

  2. Program Manager - Email Coach to review

  3. Program Manager - Update on HubSpot to "Proposal Sent" + send proposal CCing Kit and Kristin

Step 5. Program Manager - Confirm and Book Dates

  1. Program Manager - Client says YES - work with Client and Coach to nail down dates.

  2. Program Manager - Add date of training to workshop and invite Kristin + Kit

  3. Program Manager - Go to Invoice & Agreement Folder in GDrive - Create copy of TEMPLATE Invoice & Agreement Notes + name it "NAME OF CLIENT - Invoice & Agreement Notes"

  4. Program Manager - Send over Invoice & Agreement Notes to Administrative Manager - Hazel

  5. Program Manager - Hubspot -> Move to "Dates Booked"

Step 6. Admin Manager - Sends Invoice

  1. Admin Manager - Invoice - Go To Invoices Folder in GDrive - Create Copy of TEMPLATE Invoice and name it "NAME OF CLIENT Invoice"

  2. Admin Manager - Create invoice based off of notes from Program Manager + ask any questions

  3. Admin Manager - Agreement - Go to Agreements Folder in GDrive - Create Copy of TEMPLATE BostonSpeaks Agreement and name it "NAME OF CLIENT - BostonSpeaks Agreement"

  4. Admin Manager - Create agreement from notes and ask any questions

  5. Admin Manager - HubSpot -> “Move to Invoice & Agreement Sent”

Step 7. Coach - Teaches Workshop

  1. Program Manager - 1 week before - Send email to client: "We are excited and is there anything on your mind we can answer?"

  2. Coach/Program Manager - 1 week before - Update/Adjust any course materials

Step 8. Program Manager (w/ Survey) + Admin Manager (w/ Invoice if not paid) - Follow Up

  1. Program Manager - Follow up with Client to include:

    • Survey (if we did not provide one in-person)

    • Opportunity to upsell: Private coaching or additional training

    • Drop a note that we would love to check-in in a few months to see how their speaking is going!

  2. Admin Manager - Follow up on invoice in 2 weeks if they did not pay yet


Small Group Training - Our Sales Process

Explainer Video To Process Below - Hazel

Step 1. Client - Goes on website to register for a class

There are 7 different types of small group classes that individuals can sign up for on our website.

  1. Public Speaking Bootcamp ➣ 4 hours, $450 (Most popular) - For individuals who wants a quick valuable course to help them improve their public speaking.

  2. Level 1 — Foundations for Public Speaking Success ➣ 7 hours, $850 - Individuals will learn the four foundations of successful public speaking: mindset, presence, authenticity, and presentation style.

  3. Level 2 — Advanced Training for Longterm Success ➣ 7 hours, $850 - Individuals will learn how to connect with, captivate, and persuade their audience.

  4. Influence and Persuasion Workshop ➣ 4 hours, $450 - Individuals will learn how to make their presentations memorable, engaging and persuasive.

  5. Making Data Dynamic Workshop ➣ 4 hours, $450: For individuals who deal with data. They will learn how to convey the meaning and perspective behind their data, facts and research to their audience.

  6. Public Speaking For Women Leaders ➣ 4 hours, $450 - Similar to the public speaking 4 hour bootcamp, this one is just for women.

  7. Ladies Night Out ➣2 hours, $650: Ladies Night Out is a one-of-a-kind private event for them and their closest friends and colleagues. Think of fun night out but with public speaking training for people who knows each other!

Step 2. Admin Manager - Sends "Welcome Email" to participant

  1. Add to HubSpot in correct workshop

  2. Add new participants in notes with other participants + update pricing

  3. Send Welcome Email to participant and CC Coach/Kit - Use email template

Step 3. Admin Manager - 2 days before - reminders and signs

  1. Go to HubSpot and send email reminder about workshop to participants

  2. Create sign in Canva for coach and send to coach to print

  3. Send Coach correct course materials to print (Not yet completed on back end)

Step 4. Coach - Teaches class

  1. Print signs and materials

Step 5. Admin Manager - Send surveys & upsell email.

  1. Create a duplicate workshop feedback survey in TypeForm

  2. Send email to participants and use email template

  3. Move this “workshop” in HubSpot deal to “Workshops Won”

Step 6. Admin Manager - "Enroll" participant in alumni emails

  1. Add participants to BostonSpeaks Alumni Workshop group in Mailerlite