Jeanne Demers

“I had the privilege of working with Kit on a talk I gave at the Massachusetts Conference for Women. Working with him was so much fun and it 10X-ed the power of my message, making me feel super confident while on stage communicating it. Thank you, Kit!”

Jeanne Demers - Co-author of FLAWD

Jackie Riso

Kit's energy, passion, and knowledge for what he does is clearly evident. Kit will challenge you to take action, to put your money where your mouth is (not literally). He truly wants you to unleash your potential and will help guide you along the way. Kit has changed my life and forced me to get outside my comfort zone on more than one occasion.  I would highly recommend Kit and BostonSpeaks!

Jackie Riso - Sr. Project Manager, Boston Children's Hospital

TEDx Speaker | Bruce Rosenbaum

“I was a little bit all over the place with my TEDx talk. Kit came in — and in a wonderfully kind, but direct way — gave me advice to sharpen the talk and focus the message to make it a more compelling presentation. Thanks for your helpful words and encouragement.”

TEDx Speaker | Bruce Rosenbaum