How Does The Life Hack Conversation Salon Work?


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The Guidelines:

1) Grab A Seat - Each person sits at a table with 3 strangers

2) Read The Menu - The host will then give you guidelines & a conversation menu

3) Talk - Start having a real & meaningful conversation! Explore and see where it will take you.

4) Listen - People don't care about how much you know until they know about how much you care. If you don't listen, you will not be able to learn new things and hear other experiences.


Topics of Discussion - The Salon Will Be Broken Up In 5 Areas (Every 25 minutes, groups will switch to a new area or table)

  • The Hustle: Productivity - Money - Technology - Work
  • The Talk: Relationships - Communication - Parenting
  • The Body: Health - Fitness - Food
  • The Mind: Psychology - Motivation - Happiness - Success
  • The LifeForce: Lifestyle - Leisure

Meet our featured SPeakers - How To Be An adult

  • Our featured speakers will take a stab at answering this question - How To Be An Adult!
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Audrey Banks is a grown up by day and a preteen by night. By day she is a human factors engineer at Boeing. By night she is an artist who enjoys dancing to Depeche Mode, developing digital marketing strategies that invert the isolating effects of social media and encourage community engagement, and painting portraits. Prior to living in Boston she founded an organization, TAG, that provides young artists with an alternate pathway to gaining success and momentum in the art world by exhibiting their work in the Big Apple’s art capitals, Chelsea and the Lower East Side. She has since then graduated with a BA in Computer Science and Fine Art from Carnegie Mellon University and spent significant time in London, working with nonprofits to support local artists.


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Billy Ricci is a 26 year old lifelong Rhode Islander until he made the brave move 45 minutes north to Boston post college. He graduated from Providence College in 2014 with degrees in marketing/finance and currently works as an Account Executive for the Bruins and Celtics. He also coaches youth basketball in Brookline, MA and very much enjoys spending his summer weekends in beautiful Narragansett, R.I. Lastly Billy was recently the Emcee of the Providence College new student orientation program which included over 1000 students, faculty and staff.

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Shannon Murphy is the founder and chief strategist of Shine Content, a firm empowering B2B marketers with content strategy and analysis. Shannon holds a degree in Journalism from Temple University and is an alum of Boston-based start-ups like Brightcove and HubSpot. She has worked in content marketing and SEO since 2008. Shannon will be sharing some of her top adulting hacks.

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Derrick Duplessy has helped startups generate $2.8M in revenue in the past two years. As Founder of Duplessy Foundation, he is focused on helping women, immigrant, and minority founders master marketing and personal development. Derrick’s also been featured on The Doctors TV show, Boston Globe and NPR. What do you think Derrick will be saying?

Jackie Riso’s mission in life is to inspire positivity and strength in others. She has started a movement, A Glass Half Full, to help others conquer their mindset, get out of their own way, and works towards being their best selves. You can find Jackie speaking, sharing her voice on her vlog & blog, and building a supportive and empowering community by leading workshops and events.

In addition, Jackie is a Senior Project Manager on the Innovation and Digital Health Accelerator at Boston Children’s Hospital. She has worked for Boston Children’s for over 7 years and enjoys her role in managing innovative projects to improve the patient and provider experience. Jackie completed her bachelor’s degree in business management at Emmanuel College and her master’s degree in e-commerce, systems, and technology at Boston University.

To follow the Glass Half Full community:, @jackieriso or YouTube channel.


7:30-8:00AM: Breakfast, Networking, Chit-Chats

7:50-8:00AM: Guided Meditation

8:00-8:50AM: Life Hack Conversation Salon Part 1!

8:50-9:15AM: Audience Takes The Stage - How To Be An Adult

9:15-10:00 AM: Life Hack Conversation Salon Part 2!


  • Meet new people from all walks of life and hear different opinions and ideas
  • Get asked thought-provoking and challening questions that might change the way you view life
  • Get in touch with being present and improve your communication skills
  • Brainstorm, strategize, solve, ponder and discuss new ideas

The Life Hack Conversation Salon has been created with you in mind. You are busy, stressed and have alot of things on your mind. Sometimes, we forget to be human. Join us for life-enhancing encounters and exchange your thoughts with individuals from all walks of life.

BostonSpeaksSeries - A FREE BREAKFAST PANEL SERIES FOR THE ENTREPRENEURIAL COMMUNITY | FIRST FRIDAY, EVERY MONTH (We are changing it up this Friday with The Life Hack Conversation Salon)


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Kit Pang is a Communication Expert, TEDx and Keynote speaker and the Founder of BostonSpeaks. He started this monthly breakfast series in order to build a community where entrepreneurs, business professionals, workaholics and individuals could come together to get motivated, learn the latest tips and discover new insights.

Kit is on a mission to help individuals become exceptional speakers and communicators. His seminars and talks have been credited as super fun, engaging, soul-searching and insightful. His happy clients include individuals from organizations such as Dell, Delta, RE/MAX, Harvard or MIT. Learn more about how you can improve your communication, leadership or business skills at