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Gina Rapaport

Once paralyzed by the fear of public speaking, Gina Rapaport transformed her apprehension into her lifeā€™s mission. Having journeyed from anxiety to authority, she's on a mission to guide others on a similar path. Whether you're a nervous speakerĀ or looking to level up your speaking, GinaĀ will help you unlock your potential.

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An ICF Certified Professional Coach, Gina offers not just techniques but a holistic approach, thanks to her master's in integrative health and a rich background in employee wellness.

With Gina, you delve into both the mindset and mechanics of public speaking. She ensures you cultivate a sustainable confidence and the skills to captivate any audience.

Ginaā€™s versatile expertise has benefited a wide range of clientele, from young professionals to esteemed executives.


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What Gina's Clients Are Saying...

What does it look like working with Gina?

Here are some examples

Gina walks Kit through the Fear Monster Exercise

In this video, Gina personally guides Kit through the Fear Monster Exercise, a powerful visualization technique designed to conquer public speaking anxiety. This is just one of the valuable tools in our arsenal to support you in overcoming those jitters and speaking with newfound confidence.

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Get To Know Gina Even More

They say "Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe". Here are some videos to get to sense Gina's Vibe.

In this video below, Gina and Kit decided to informally interview each other so you can get to understand more of how we think when it comes to coaching, working with clients, and how to speak better.

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