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Help Your Team Confidently Present Ideas, Win More Business, And Stand Out As Credible, Charismatic Leaders

Virtual and in-person training available

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Which Type Of Training Is Right For Your Team?

Choose from three training options.

Turn your teammates into confident, persuasive speakers with targeted training

This training is not a lecture. Think high-energy, interactive & results-oriented

Don't see anything that fits? Customize your own training program

Your team is amazing. But their public speaking skills? It's time for an upgrade. 

Whether they’re pitching a new client, presenting internally, or simply speaking up in a meeting, you can’t help but notice that your team’s communication skills are…

✗ Boring & ineffective

✗ Not engaging or persuasive

✗ Lacking in confidence and authority

✗ Too technical or filled with jargon that no one understands

Are bad presentations or uninspiring speeches hurting your organization? 

While a good presentation has the power to inspire and motivate, a bad presentation can do just the opposite, leaving employees and clients feeling…

✗ Like frauds or failures

✗ Like their time and effort has been wasted

✗ Mistrustful of your employees, leaders, or business

✗ Embarrassed for themselves or your team

Turn your teammates into confident, persuasive speakers

You don’t have to be born a “natural public speaker” to perform like one. With our targeted training, we can help your team overcome their specific issues so they can become assets, not liabilities.

✓ Become calm, charismatic speakers

✓ Create presentations that engage and persuade

✓ Express ideas and information with clarity and confidence

✓ Look like a confident authority on any subject matter

Gain respect and credibility from clients & colleagues

Let’s work together to create a custom training program for your team, including targeted training, live practice, feedback from our coaches, and so much more.

✓ Overcome fear and anxiety

✓ Build confidence and charisma

✓ Become persuasive and influential

✓ Get audiences to agree with and support your ideas

✓ Learn how to structure engaging presentations and speeches

✓ Work on body language, stage presence, and vocal variety

✓ Identify and minimize ticks or distracting delivery methods

✓ Learn how to weave story and emotion into presentations

✓ And more!

Here's How We Can Help


Private Coaching

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  • Help individuals prepare and rehearse for their specific presentation
  • Work with individuals to reach their specific goals
  • Personalized feedback regarding content, body language, flow and more
  • Go from boring or technical to engaging and persuasive
  • Virtual or in-person training available
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Discover the power of 1-on-1 coaching for your team.

We'll help your teammates work on their specific speaking challenges and reach their speaking goals.

How It Works:

Goal-setting: In our initial sessions, We'll learn about the individual's situation, set goals, and create a plan for maximum growth. We'll work with the individual to review and refine their goals/plan goals as they acquire more knowledge and experience.

Assessments: For continuous progress, we'll have a recurring assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. Surveys can be sent out to colleagues.

Obstacles to success: We'll identify together what blocks or delays them from success and develop strategies to conquer those obstacles.

Actions: Each session ends with a series of action steps that enable individuals to achieve goals.

Accountability: We work with our clients closely to support them through their process of transformation.

***Clients can be videotaped.***


Workshops & Webinars

Prices vary depending on need

  • Training is lively, hands-on, and engaging
  • Customized to your team's needs and goals
  • Virtual or in-person training is available
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Let's make public speaking an asset for your team and organization.

(Workshops examples to choose from below)

BostonSpeaks workshops blend theory with engaging interactive speaking exercises and opportunities for participants to share experiences, reflect on ideas, and apply helpful techniques to specific work situations. 


Customized Training

Let's work together!

  • Answers to any public speaking and presentation training challenges that you want to solve so you don't have to figure it out on your own
  • Suggestions for the best ways to implement communication and public speaking learning and development for your organization
  • Open, clear and responsive communication. Let's make sure it's the best situation for you and your team
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Looking for something different?

Let's create the ideal training for your team. 

How It Works:

Step 1 - Get In Touch 

Tell us more about your team's needs and any ideas you might have.

Step 2 - Receive A Proposal + Make A Decision

After we learn more about your situation, we'll send over a proposal for you and your team to review. 

Step 3 - Logistics + Training Time

After we have set up all the logistics, we'll be in touch to make sure to adjust to any updates or changes along the way.

Meet Your Coaches

"If you were asked to describe your colleagues’ presentation skills, what would you say?”

“At the beginning of many trainings (pre-COVID-19), we would pass around sticky notes and ask people to honestly describe their colleagues' presentations. Here’s what they say: 

‘Boring,’‘technical,’ ‘hard to follow,’ ‘dense,’ ‘uninspiring,’ or our favorite, ‘we feel like hostages.’

If your teammates are too technical, we can help them become more engaging and clear. If they’re verbose, we can help them get to the point. And if they’re nervous and frazzled, we can help them become calmer and more confident.

No matter what challenges your team is facing, you can be sure that we’ve seen it before, and we have real solutions to help them become successful public speakers and presenters.”


“We’ve become more influential leaders by fine-tuning our communication skills. BostonSpeaks provided real-life strategies and tips to help us become more influential leaders, sales professionals, and teammates by fine-tuning our communication skills.” 

Jennifer Defreest · Marketing Director, Cresa


“BostonSpeaks has been an important part of Color Magazine and at a number of our leadership conferences.  The team at BostonSpeaks generously offers their experience and insight to help guide and motivate our leaders to the next level of their career."

Josefina Bonilla President · Color Magazine


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Let's transform your team to become confident, compelling, and convincing speakers.

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