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To empower individuals to become more effective public speakers and to help them gain greater self-confidence, grow personally, and succeed professionally.


Great public speakers aren't born that way, they work at it. 

When you see a “natural” on stage, it’s easy to think that he or she was just “born with it,” but the truth is, appearing effortless when presenting comes down to one thing:

Embracing your authentic self. I'm not going to lie, it takes work.

When you’re not afraid to be yourself and embrace the things that make you unique, public speaking becomes less of a chore and more like an exciting opportunity to share your story with the world.

During our training, I'll be pushing you to do exactly that, allowing you to let go of fear, build confidence, and speak like you were born to do it.

Your Speaker Coach,

-Kit Pang

Discover how you can take your speaking to a whole new level.


Meet Your Coach: Kit Pang

Whether you want help with virtual presentations, board reporting, sales pitches, or anything in between... I'm here to help you earn your mic-drop moment.

As the founder of BostonSpeaks and a Harvard Business School public speaking coach, I help individuals become exceptional speakers who deliver compelling presentations and speeches. My clients come from diverse industries, including:

✔ Fortune 500 CEOs and TEDx Speakers,

✔ NFL Players and Three-Star Michelin Chefs,

✔ Rising leaders and executives from companies like Dell, Delta, RE/MAX, and more.

My coaching and teaching style is fun, engaging, and insightful. Professionally, I'm always looking to develop as a speaker and leader. In my personal life, it looks more like 25% Crossfit, 25% happy wife happy life, and 50% trying to help my three cats get along. 

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