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Kit Pang

When I used to get nervous speaking, my shoulders would bounce up and down like a machine gun! Plus, I would pace around back and forth. And get this...when I was young, I thought persuasion and influence skills were only reserved for FBI agents, presidents are those who are very high up the ranks. Look, no matter where you are as a speaker and leader, I've dedicated my life's work to understanding what it takes to become more confident and influential. Come on in and peek around the website. When you're ready to get started, we'll be here for you.

About Kit

Kit has been a guiding force for numerous leaders and high-achieving professionals, empowering them to communicate with enhanced confidence and influence. With a rich background as the founder of BostonSpeaks, a Harvard Business School Public Speaking Coach, and a three-time TEDx Speaker Coach, Kit has empowered countless leaders and high-performing professionals, including Fortune 500 CEOs, TEDx Speakers, NFL Players, Three-Star Michelin Chefs, rising stars, and executives like you. What sets Kit apart is his coaching and teaching style, which is not just informative but also fun and engaging. He's committed to continuously evolving as a speaker and leader, always seeking new ways to inspire and captivate an audience.

In this phase of his journey in 2024, Kit is pouring his energy into two key facets: propelling BostonSpeaks to new heights of success and nurturing the growth of each team member.


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Conquering the 8 Stages of Public Speaking Anxiety: Your Path to Confident Communication

What does it look like working with Kit?

Here are some examples

Below you'll find a full video of Kit working 1on1 with Pauline to work on her mindset around speaking anxiety.



Below you'll find a 30 min video of Kit working 1on1 with Julian to work on his speaking



Below you'll a video fo Kit working 1on1 with Mary Lee for nerves she has for an upcoming event


Below you'll find Kit conducting a full workshop on the art of listening for Cresa.


Get To Know Kit A Little Bit More!

In this video below, Gina and Kit decided to informally interview each other so you can get to understand more of how we think when it comes to coaching, working with clients, and how to speak better.

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