How To Show Up As You Best Speaking Self


⭐ Intro

I was in a meeting with Gina, our Head Public Speaking Coach, and we were brainstorming about a speaking retreat that we could do in the future.


We asked each other what we wanted participants to experience during the retreat and what they would ultimate gain afterwards.


Gina talked about a very crucial topic - knowing how to show up as speakers.


Do you truly understand who you are as a speaker, or are you merely echoing the styles of others?


🔓 Invisible Speaking Chain: Society’s Identity of A Good Speaker

Most likely, you’ve adopted society’s mold of what it means to be a good speaker.


Here are some things:

A good speaker don’t get nervous or don’t show nerves

A good speaker is an expert

A good speaker knows flawlessly

A good speaker has polished eloquence

A good speaker command attention effortlessly

A good speaker walks this way

A good speaker talks this way

A good speaker acts this way


You are becoming a good speaker puppet!


Have you ever asked yourself about the conventional norms of a speaker that you might have fell victim to and the belief that you must emulate these traits to be successful. 


And if you don’t come across as these norms…then you suck as a speaker.



🤯 The Speaking Shift: Every Great Speaker Has Their Own Style


If you really think about it, every great speaker and leader out there is completely different from one another.


  • Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker, is loud, rowdy, and motivational. He speaks fast and has higher than average energy.
  • Sadhguru, an Indian yogi, mystic, and spiritual teacher, is calm, slow and spiritial in his way of speaking, which is completely different from Tony Robbins.
  • Barack Obama is renowned for his eloquent, measured, and inspirational speaking style.
  • Hillary Clinton's speaking style is characterized by its intelligence, detail-orientation. She adopts a more formal and structured approach.
  • Michelle Obama's approach to public speaking is deeply personal, warm, and full of authenticity.
  • Donald Trump's speaking style is  characterized by its directness, simplicity, and forcefulness.


Do you know what style you have that brings out the best in you as a speaker?


🎯 Speaking Action:

To truly show up as a speaker in our world, it's essential to move from reflection to action.

1) Your Speaking Self: Do a quick journal entry and answer this question -  "Who am I as a speaker?"

2) Challenge Conventional Norms: Write down a list of conventional norms of a good speaker you feel pressured to emulate.


3) Your Speaking Style: Ask 3 friends or colleagues provide honest feedback on your speaking style. 

🎉 Announcements:

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It’s a place where you can learn how to truly show up as yourself in a supportive environment where you can experiment with your speaking and most importantly, you’ll get access to top speaking training that’s both live and self-paced. 


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To Your Speaking Success,

- Kit Pang

Founder, BostonSpeaks



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