How To Elevate Your Virtual Speaking

How To Elevate Your Virtual Speaking in 2023

This guide will help you raise your game when it comes to online meetings, presentations, and the way you speak virtually. 

You will find hand-picked resources that will help you transform the way you present yourself and your message virtually.

COVID is not going away soon. The way we work virtually is here to stay and those who are able to speak and lead with impact online will rise to the top.

Let’s get started.


  1. Chapter 1 - How To Engage Others On Video Calls
  2. Chapter 2 - Virtual Collaboration Done Right
  3. Chapter 3 - How To Create A Memorable Presence On Conference Calls
  4. Chapter 4 - Ease Your Virtual Speaking Anxiety
  5. Chapter 5 - How To Lead Virtually
  6. Chapter 6 - How To Beat Zoom Fatigue
  7. Chapter 7 - Level Up Your Zoom or Microsoft Team Skills
  8. Chapter 8 - Upgrade Your Tech And Space For Virtual Impact
  9. Chapter 9 - What Not To Do On Virtual Calls And Presentations
  10. BONUS - (We all need to take the time to laugh sometimes)


How do you engage others when they seem distracted and how do you get people to pay attention to you on conference calls. Read these articles to boost your engagement rate the next time you hop on a video call.


How Smart Leaders Create Engagement in Zoom Meetings

(Medium - Learn how to adapt to the new digital reality for your leadership’s edge.)


10 Reasons Why Your Presentation Is Boring People

(BostonSpeaks - Microsoft estimates that over $250 million is wasted per day due to poor PowerPoint presentations.  Let's make sure you don't waste people's most valuable resource - time.)


How to Get People to Actually Participate in Virtual Meetings

(HBR - Learn how to get people to pay attention.)


8 Tips for Upping Your Visibility at Virtual Meetings

(Psychology Today - Tips you need to hear and take action on.)



25 Strategies to Engage Students on Your Next Zoom Meeting

(Hooked On Innovation - Even though the audience is written for students, the strategies are still very useful for professionals who wants to think outside the box.)



Team communication done right will move the organization faster than anything else. When it’s done wrong, it’s a waste of time for everyone. Take a look at these articles to learn how to get everyone on board. 


4 Tips for Effective Virtual Collaboration

(HBR - 4 great tips to help you manage your time more effectively when it comes to virtual collaboration.)



Facilitating Virtual Collaboration: Tips and Tricks for Being Creative Virtually

(Duarte - This article will show you 5 steps to improve you and your team’s workflow, they walk you through the whole process and how they do it on a video at the end.)


Virtual Collaboration: Overcoming Remote Team Challenges

( - A great overview to help you up your virtual communication leadership as a manager or team leader.)



64 Best Online Collaboration Tools To Help Your Team Be More Productive

(Time Doctor - Take a peek at this list for time tracking, communication, design, documentation, file sharing, project management, and software tools.)


57 Virtual Team Building Activities For Your Remote Team

(Snacknation - This post features icebreakers, tools, and virtual team building activities you can implement or share with leadership to build strong remote teams.)


46 Virtual Team Statistics You Can’t Ignore

(Finances Online - Reading these stats will help you get ideas on how to build highly effective virtual teams.)



Your presence speaks louder than words. This is true in-person and also online. How are you showing up virtually?


Virtual Presence Tips For Online Meetings and Presentations

(BostonSpeaks - Learn how to stand out on camera by working on your body language and vocal variety.)


How to Elevate Your Presence in a Virtual Meeting

(HBR - 6 key recommendations for you to consider the next time you go on video.)


Tips to Radiate Executive Presence on Video Conference Calls

(Garfinkle Executive Coaching - This article will provide you key focus areas to work on to build your executive presence online.)


9 ways to look more polished on virtual work calls, according to New York Fashion Week stylists

(Business Insider - If you want to elevate your on-camera presence, check out this article.)


What to Wear For Your Next Zoom Or Virtual Call

(Citrus Sleep - A helpful guide to look your best professional on virtual calls.)


You can do it and you can ease your speaking anxiety. It does take work and the tips in these articles will help you on your journey to confident speaking in any situation.

Anxious about that next Zoom meeting? You're not alone

(BostonGlobe - I was interviewed along with Dr. Donna Pincus to offer advice on how to ease your Zoomxiety.)

 Conference Call Anxiety? Follow These 8 Tips for Confident Speaking In Meetings

(GoKick - This has been one of the best guides I’ve seen on virtual meeting anxiety.)

A Psychologist Explains How to Cope With Video Chat When You’re Socially Anxious

(Discover Magazine - Have you always dealt with social anxiety? This article explains why you might be going through it and what is happening to your anxiety on video calls.)

Win Over the Zoom: How to Effectively Public Speak from the Privacy of Your Home

(Vogue - Quick tips and reminders to be more effective at Zoom.)

7 Tips To Make Speaking Easier In Your Meetings Or Classes

(The Conversation - This article provides a quick overview about speaking anxiety and then dives into 7 actionable tips.) 


Are you engaging, motivating and inspiring your team virtually? Read these articles to step up your game.

How to Lead Virtual Teams Successfully

(Columbia Business School - Ensure success by following these tips to be a better virtual leader.)

3 Ways to Motivate Your Team Through an Extended Crisis

(HBR - This article discusses three main psychological needs that leaders can use to help their employees stay engaged, confident, and motivated.)

How to Manage a Hybrid Team

(HBR - Clear Do’s and Dont’s of leading a Hybrid team.)


Context Is Key When Leading Virtually

(Deloitte - This is a great Q/A with Alex (Sandy) Pentland who has spent decades studying virtual leadership and virtual teams.)


How many video calls, meetings or presentations do you have to do online in a week? Zoom fatigue is real and here are tips to ease it.

Zoom Fatigue Tips

(BostonSpeaks - It's time to get over your Zoom fatigue. In this video, I'll show you three actionable tips you can implement in your next call to help you get back your energy.)


5 Tips to Reduce Screen Time While You’re WFH

(HBR - 5 quick tips you can implement right now to feel more productive and reduce your computer time.)

How To Beat Zoom Fatigue

(Wired - One of the keys to helping you cope with Zoom fatigue is to set boundaries, read this article for more tips.)


You might be using these virtual conference tools every day but are you really maximizing the way you use them? Understanding these tips will make your virtual life easier.

The complete Zoom guide: From basic help to advanced tricks

(ZDNet - This is a great guide on everything Zoom that you’ll need.)


19 Microsoft Teams Tips that will help and save you time

(Collab 365 - If you use Microsoft Teams, you’ll be glad that you took the time to read this article.)



Your virtual setup may be one of the most important things for you to upgrade. This is your space, lighting, background, design choices and more.

One-pager cheat sheet to improve your desktop conference call setup

(Idibri - Here are 4 quick fixes to improve your desktop conference quality.)

Interior Design Tips For Your Zoom Meeting

(Vishion - You will look at your room differently after you read these design tips.)

How to create the best at-home videoconferencing setup, for every budget

(TechCrunch - Take a look at four different levels of ways you can upgrade your setup.)

How to Pull Off a Professional Video Call From Home

(NY Times - This article gets right to the point to help you understand how you can create a professional home setup.)


You don’t want to make mistakes that can cost you your professional success. Read these tips to make sure that you are on the right track. 

What Not to Do During a Zoom Meeting

(Green Apple Strategy - Clear 10 tips of Don’ts for Zoom.)

5 Things Leaders Never Do In A Zoom Meeting

(Forbes - Great tips for leaders when setting up a Zoom call.)

Zoom meeting etiquette: 15 tips and best practices for online video conference meetings

(Pennlive - These are the basics we all should know when it comes to virtual video calls.)

17 video meeting mistakes that are making you look unprofessional

(The Ladders - If only more people read this article, our conference call experiences would be much better.)



 We all need to take the time to laugh sometimes =)

A Conference Call in Real Life

(Tripp and Tyler - 21 million views. If in person meetings were like conference calls. Go watch it.)


35 Quarantine Conference Calls Gone Hilariously Wrong

(Bored Panda - #2 is my favorite)



That wraps it up. Share this with a colleague or friend to help them step up their virtual communication, presentation, and leadership skills.


To Your Speaking Success,

- Kit Pang

Founder, BostonSpeaks



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